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HenkJan Van Daal (self-portrait was taken in the Amber Fort, Jaipur, Rajasthan, India)

HenkJan Van Daal, social psychologist, and his wife Esther, sociologist and publicist, have Holland as their homebase. She is preparing a novel on the minds and adventures of a couple of liars and scammers, while he deepens his understanding of the evolutionary background of the mind. They spend a large part of the year traveling. Pictures taken during their journies can be seen on this website.

Some of the photographs were treated with filters, to create the appearance of hand made art works, (like sketches or oil paintings). If that is the case, it is mentioned (between brackets) under the photographs. A few pictures on the page 'Co-Traveler Esther' are compositions of two photographs (of Esther and a landscape), which is als mentioned. Enlarge the photographs on your screen for a better view (e.g. with Windows, press F11). Contact me if you want to use photographs or order fine art prints.

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